Stressless Dressage Championship Show 2017

30826266575_536b7369eb_oThe Stressless Dressage League is drawing to a close for 2017, but fear not, for you have one last chance to don those dancing shoes and take part at the final event; the Stressless Dressage Championship Show at Dallas Burston on Sunday 8th October!

It is going to be a great event as we welcome back all the riders who have taken part in previous Stressless Dressage events over the past six months as well as invite new riders to take part in the open classes!  We will be running four open classes from Intro to Elementary which are open to all riders, members and non-members, who would like to take part in our stressfree dress down event.  It is also the perfect opportunity to use these classes as a warm up for those who have qualified for the championship classes, to ease you back in gently! As it is the last installment for our Stressless Dressage League we will of course be running our four championship classes, again from Intro to Elementary which are open to those of you who gained 55% and above in the relevant level at any of our previous events! There will be prizes and rosettes plus the opportunity to just ride in the wonderful venue that is Dallas Burston Polo Ground! All tests and warm up will be held on a surface and as with all of our stressless events, there is no need to plait or squeeze into those show jackets – just turn up in your comfiest clothes.

So here we go! Please click on the link below to see our full schedule and details on how to enter!  Entries close on Monday 2nd October.

Stressless Dressage Championship Show Schedule