In Hand / Groundwork Clinic with Dan Wain

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Date(s) - Sun 18th Nov
All Day

Stable Yard,


A horse that is physically out of balance will cause it to be mentally out of balance. Good posture, balance and symmetry are the starting point for a physically and mentally sound horse.

At theses clinics You will learn how to:

▪️Recognise good posture, and understand what makes good / bad posture
▪️Lunge in a way which improves his posture and balance
▪️Use in hand work to Improve suppleness and develop better symmetry
▪️Teach your horse how to respond correctly to your aids, so that less sensitive horses become more responsive, and sensitive horses become less reactive.
▪️Teach your horse how to relax into his work to reduce stress on muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.
▪️Activate your horses core and consequently develop core strength.
▪️Help the horse to learn new movements.
▪️Teach, and assess lateral work from the ground.

If you can do all of this, your horse will feel more relaxed, yet have more energy when you need it. He will respond to lighter aids, and carry himself more elegantly. He will maintain his own rhythm in self carriage, leaving you free to look for the next jump, learn a new movement, or simply enjoy a calm, happy

Cost of Clinics: £40 per horse based on no more than 2 in a group – 1.5 hour sessions


Bookings are closed for this event.